INCREDIBLE MUST SEE VIDEO! Decorated Marine and 21 Year NYPD Officer Thomas Webster to Turn Himself in Tomorrow to Serve A Decade in Prison! Exculpatory VIDEO Shows Violent DC Metro Cop Punch Webster and Initiate Fight! MUST SEE! Evidence of COVER-UP!

A decorated US Marine Veteran, 20 Year NYPD Police Officer, Husband and Father of 3 will turn himself in tomorrow to serve the longest sentence that a Judge has handed to a J6 Defendant to date – 10 Years!

THIS WEEK: Oath Keepers Forced to Go to Trial on Bogus Seditious Conspiracy Charges FIVE WEEKS BEORE MIDTERMS! Govt. Denies Them Discovery, Arrests Their Key Witnesses, Jury Bias & Unethical Judge Plagues the Kangaroo Courts – DEMOCRATS DESPERATE TO RETAIN POWER!

A group of Oath Keepers, including leader Stewart Rhodes, will be forced to go to trial prematurely this week after numerous attempts by their attorneys to push their trial until January and outside of Washington DC.

Freedom Rally Today in New York City! Citizens Still Plagued with Tyrannical “Health” Mandates! “MARCH FOR JUSTICE” with Patriotic New Yorkers! “WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!” VIDEO!

Although the rest of the country are enjoying a convenient “momentary pause” from lock downs and mandates as the November election looms, New Yorkers are still dealing with tyrannical one-party rule that continues to plague the state.Please support our fellow citizens in New York who continue to suffer as victims of unconstitutional mandates!

Can a January 6th Protester Be a Legally Defined As a “Terrorist” for Attending a Rally? We Will Find Out Tomorrow At the Sentencing of Guy Reffitt. FIND OUT MORE HERE!

With apprehension we await the sentencing of Guy Reffitt tomorrow (Monday, 10 AM EST) to find out if US Judge Dabney Friedrich cooperates with the prosecution’s recommendation for a “Terrorism Upwards Departure” to enhance the January 6th defendant’s sentence to 15 years minimum behind bars.In the meantime, please read the guest post below submitted by Randy Ireland.\ ** Please help Guy Reffitt fight Biden’s Department ofInjustice HERE.

LEAKED EMAIL Sent to The Gateway Pundit from The Unselect Committee to January 6th Defendant!! Proof the Committee and the DOJ Are EXTORTING Testimonies Out of Their Witnesses! LIZ CHENEY IS SHAMELESS!!

The desperate Unselect Committee is using unethical if not possibly illegal measures to secure favorable witness testimonies from persecuted January 6th Defendants that have pled guilty, such as their witness Stephen Ayres that testified yesterday.

EXCLUSIVE Interview With Indicted January 6th PROUD BOY That Released Zoom Call EXONERATING Them From SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY!! TELL-ALL VIDEO!!!

Indicted Air Force Veteran and Proud Boy AJ Fischer spoke to the Gateway Pundit via video conference regarding the video he released to us that provides proof that the leaders of the Proud Boy drinking fraternity did not commit seditious conspiracy or plan on going inside the Capitol on the day of January 6th, 2021.

EXCLUSIVE: Proud Boys Proven INNOCENT in Newly Released VIDEO Hidden from Public! — DOJ Tried to Hide This Evidence! BLOWS UP DOJ and Liz Cheney’s Bogus SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY Charges – THEY HID THIS FROM PUBLIC! See Entire Video HERE!

An incredible new video has emerged that exonerates the members of the Proud Boy fraternity from the ridiculous seditious conspiracy charges that the Biden Regime launched against them in their War On Trump and his supporters.

Rudy Giuliani and GP’s Cara Castronuova Ask the FRAUDULENT January 6th Committee “Did You Forget to Mention the Death of Rosanne Boyland?”

The January 6th Unselect Committee Hearings reconvene this Tuesday and Thursday to push their baseless lies and conspiracy theories to discredit President Trump, demonize his supporters and continue to politically persecute Americans.These non-factual “hearings” are massively tanking in the ratings as Americans are waking up to the nonsense.

EXCLUSIVE: Mayor Rudy Guiliani Gives Statement to The Gateway Pundit Regarding the Fraudulent January 6th Hearing. “WHAT ROLE DID ANTIFA AND THE FBI PLAY?”

Trump Attorney Mayor Rudy Giuliani released a statement to The Gateway Pundit (see his full statement below) after The January 6th Unselect Committee Hearing continued to push their baseless conspiracy theory yesterday that somehow President Trump colluded with the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers in an attempt to overturn the election.

BIDEN REGIME J6 PRISONER Forced To Eat & Sleep for DAYS in Cell with Overflowing FILTHY TOILET Surrounded by “TONS OF HUMAN FECES”! Readers – Please File a Complaint With WARDEN JONES & DOC Director Thomas Faust! INFO BELOW!

A DC Gitmo Detainee that has been arbitrarily thrown in “the hole” of DC Gitmo was left for an entire weekend in a cell with a backed up toilet and surrounded by built-up, black colored and “terrible smelling” human feces.

Attorneys for Laura Loomer Announce Major RICO Lawsuit Against Big Tech Giants FAKEBOOK and Twitter! The “MOST BANNED WOMAN IN THE WORLD” Fights Back!!

This is directly from the official press release: (San Jose, California) May 2, 2022 — Today, conservative attorneys John Pierce and former United States Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) announced the filing of a major, $10 billion-plus federal civil RICO lawsuit against , , Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey on behalf of Florida congressional candidate Laura Loomer.

“THEY USED MY HUSBAND TO INTIMIDATE OTHER J6’ers TO TAKE A PLEA! DO NOT TAKE A PLEA!” said Wife of First Convicted J6er! – Attorney Did Not Even Tell Family a Verdict Was Reached (VIDEO)

We recently reported about the DOJ and Biden Regime’s mental takeover of a teenage boy (Jackson Reffitt) and how they aided him in recording his father in the family home for eight days for evidence that would be used to convict his father.