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We appreciate your interest in getting in touch with us. We currently offer support for technical issues related to the comments section and accidental bans.

For support related to your account and subscriptions, please use this form. To report an issue with the website, please click here. And to leave a news tip, click here.

Problems Logging In

We’ve recently upgraded our website, and in the course of doing so, some of our subscribers are now seeing advertisements. A benefit of being a subscriber is an ad-free experience, being able to read through the website with minimal distraction. If you are a subscriber, and are seeing ads, we have a solution for you.


If you feel you have been accidentally banned and are 100% certain you didn’t violate the policy, you may have either been inadvertently been banned or picked up a previously banned IP address. Try restarting your device to pick up a new IP or test posting from another network such as LTE if you are on WIFI. Make sure to turn off any VPN services as many of those are used by spammers and are blocked.

Due to the volume of requests we will investigate inadvertent bans and technical issues when applicable and respond if necessary.

Temporary Bans
Temporary bans are by definition temporary so you will be free to comment again soon. Due to the volume of email, we don’t investigate temporary bans on an individual basis. You may review the commenting policy here to see which comment(s) may have violated the policy. Note that moderators have the right to ban for anything at any time. If you keep it clean and constructive you should be able to avoid future bans. We refer all inquires about Temporary Bans back to this section of this page.

If you are getting caught in the spam filter repeatedly, make sure to avoid:

  • Excessive punctuation (e.g. …, ???, !!!)
  • Emoticons
  • Off topic comments
  • Short comments (e.g. “This is great” or “That is awesome”)
  • Comments about the spam filter (e.g. “Am I stuck in the spam box???”, “Why are you calling me spam!”)
  • Spammy sounding language (e.g. “My sister’s brother likes to walk to the store every day to get milk” – Note “my relative did X” matches all of the “My relative or friend makes thousands working from home”)
  • Colorful language (e.g. “While strolling though the dark forest at night my feet began to sink into the squishy mud” –  If you sound like you are writing a novel you might get caught up in the filter)
  • Misspellings and use of non English words (e.g. Demoncrat, Shiftyshiff, Obozo, etc)
  • Repetition (e.g. “A win is a win is a win”, “This is very, very, very bad”).

99% of people caught in the spam filter are being filtered for one of the reasons above. We do not respond to emails related to the spam filter because we don’t have control over it and everything we have to say on the topic is listed above.