Trump Endorsed Film “The Relentless Patriot” Opens This Weekend at Theaters Nationwide! – Check Out the TGP Red Carpet Interviews With the STARS!

A new Trump endorsed film, “The Relentless Patriot”, opened yesterday in theaters across the nation.

Here is the incredible trailer:

This must-see Conservative made film is about the life and times of living legend Scott LoBaido. LoBaido is a well-known artist and street activist from Staten Island, New York. The movie stars LoBaido, Rudy Giuliani, Bill O’Reilly, Curtis Sliwa (founder of New York City’s “Guardian Angels), and other prominent figures from New York that are America First.

Please find a theater near you HERE and support this Trump endorsed film!

Yes, New York freedom fighters do exist- and this movie is a brilliant introduction into the colorful landscape of a cast of patriotic New York characters and street activists you will fall in love with.

See our red carpet interviews here:

This reporter cannot stress how important it is that you take the time this week to go see this film to ensure the Hollywood decision makers keep it in theaters! Opening week are always the most important. If a theater is a little far away, it is worth the drive. If we want to see more movies like this made and support our fellow patriots, now is the time!

See LoBaido’s most recent post here about film:


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Please find a theater near you HERE and support this Trump endorsed film!

This reporter highly recommends this film after seeing it at both the New York City premier and a special screening at Mar-a-lago with President Trump in attendance. The quality and story line are exceptional. The movie is filled with endearing (and funny) New York City larger-than-life patriots you never knew existed that will give you hope.

Original artwork by Scott LoBaido of the winners in the Biden family.

The red carpet premiere was studded with celebrities- besides all the best in Maga-land, some Hollywood celebrities attended the special screening and loved the film.

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“The Sopranos” and “Sons of Anarchy” actress Drea de Matteo made an appearance and watched the film. Seemingly, the actress is over Joe Biden and speaking out. She wore an American flag shirt and donned a black “Defund the Media” hat. Perfect attire for any red carpet!

Andrew Giuliani, actress Drea de Matteo, Gateway Pundit Reporter Cara Castronuova, and Newsmax’s John Tabacco on the red carpet for “The Relentless Patriot” NYC premier.

“I challenge everyone in Hollywood to speak their mind,” De Matteo she said in an interview with the Gateway Pundit. “I know a lot of them. How are they going to vote for Biden? Come on. He needs to be on Golden Pond right now, relaxing. Shitting in his pants. He can’t do this anymore. He is not running the country anyway, so why are they going to vote for him?”

President Trump has purchased artwork from LoBaido for his personal collection.

Actor, stuntman and former President of the New York Chapter of the Hell’s Angels Chuck Zito made an appearance.

“I recommend everybody go see this film,” said Zito. “I give it two thumbs up, ten fingers up. Go see this film. Everybody has to go see this. I guarantee you come out with the love of America we once had and go back to it. We have to support Scott and President Trump. This squatter in the White House (Biden) destroyed America and the world.”

Find the theater nearest you HERE.

Original artwork by Scott LoBaido paying homage to the clowns squatting in the White House.

The film was made by Global Ascension Studios– a studio owned and operated by conservatives who have excellent track records in making great movies.

Please find a theater near you HERE and support Scott LoBaido’s brilliant film!

Arthur Sarkissian, one of the producers, is no stranger to making great movies. He produced Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3 starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker and many other major motion pictures like “While You Were Sleeping” and “The Foreigner”. It is great to see high-end Hollywood producers interested in telling conservative tales.

Global Ascension Studios is making Patriotism great again,” said Studio President Joshua Macciello. “I am doing the Trump story next. We got the rights from his kids. We are shooting “Triump” starting at the end of June. We are doing the greatest mayor in this country Rudy Giuliani’s movie after that.”

President Trump shakes hands with Global Ascension Studios President Joshua Macciello at the Mar-a-Lago premier of ‘The Relentless Patriot”.

This reporter also recommends you go see this film for the simple fact that Scott Lobaido is ONE OF US. He is a regular cigarette smoking, whisky drinking guy from the neighborhood that moonlights as a freedom fighter.

Please find a theater near you HERE and support Scott LoBaido’s brilliant film!

LoBaido is known for his wild street art and protests during the unconstitutional Covid lockdown era, rallies in support of President Trump and veterans, and protests in New York City against migrant shelters. He brilliantly lampoons Democrats in his artwork.

Original artwork by Scott LoBaido of Nancy Pelosi shredding the Constitution.

LoBaido represent the average citizen that made the decision to fight for their country with the skill set God gave them. LoBaido’s chosen “weapons” are a paintbrush and a megaphone. This movie will inspire you to get off your couch and start fighting for America with any individual skills you may possess. It will motivate you to find your “weapon” to fight for what you believe in.

Gateway Pundit reporter Cara Castronuova interviews star of “The Relentless Patriot” Scott LoBaido.

Please find a theater near you HERE and support this Trump endorsed film HERE!

“This movie will teach people how to fire themselves up,” LoBaido told the Gateway Pundit. “How to get involved and save this country at the eleventh hour. At twelve o’clock we lose it all. It’s up to you. Go see the movie and you will understand.”

Accurate likeness of Joe Biden. Original artwork by Scott LoBaido.

This is our chance to support one of our own in one of the biggest moments of his life simply because he deserves it after all he has done for causes so important to We The People. After you see the film you will understand why.

“We have one shot at the title here,” said director Christoper Martini. “Everyone has to buy tickets on Fandango and prove to Hollywood the people have spoken and we want more films like this.”

Please find a theater near you HERE and support Scott LoBaido’s brilliant film!

President Trump knocks out chronic crybaby Robert DeNiro. Original artwork by Scott LoBaido.

LoBaido, a larger-than-life celebrity on the streets of his hometown Staten Island, has more political pull than most politicians. If the loud-mouthed, smack talking LoBaido puts out a call to action on social media with his signature New York potty mouth style, people show up in the thousands on a few hours notice.

Created by LoBaido during the unconstitutional lockdowns of New York State. Disgraced Governor Cuomo eats the heart of New York.

“Scott gives us hope,” said New Yorker Tina Ryan. “When everyone is afraid to speak up against the government, Scott is always one of the first to stand up. He knows how to bring the patriots in the city together to fight the evil that is pervading our state. Scott helps us find our own courage when we need it most.”


Please find a theater near you HERE and support Scott LoBaido’s brilliant film!

“Patriots, it is important that you go out and see “The Relentless Patriot” this weekend,” said John Tabacco of Newsmax. “This weekend is important because it is the opening weekend for the film and we have to show Hollywood that America wants more conservative films like this one. We have to support more studios like Global Ascension Films that had the balls to do this. Plus, Scott is a great guy that fights for America and this is our chance to support him.”

Dysfunctional former Mayor of NYC Bill de Blasio screws the Big Apple. Original artwork by Scott LoBaido.

This is a review that was listed on the Hollywood industry website IMDB:

A Stirring Tribute to Patriotic Activism!

“The Relentless Patriot” is an inspiring and powerful documentary that captures the essence of Scott LoBaido, a man who has spent decades using his creativity to express his love for America and advocate for patriotism. From the very beginning, the documentary immerses viewers in Scott’s world, showcasing his vibrant and evocative artwork that adorns countless buildings and landmarks across the nation. The film does an excellent job of highlighting not just the art itself, but the profound messages behind each piece. LoBaido’s passion for his work is palpable, and the documentary beautifully captures his tireless efforts to spread a message of unity and pride. Through candid interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, viewers gain a deep understanding of the man behind the murals and the unwavering principles that drive him. The documentary is also visually stunning, with breathtaking shots of his artwork set against the backdrop of America’s diverse landscapes.

This documentary is a must-watch for anyone who believes in the importance of standing up for one’s beliefs and using creativity as a force for good.

Highly recommended!

Original artwork by Scott LoBaido. “President Donald J. Trump”.

Please find a theater near you HERE and support this Trump endorsed film!

From the movie’s official website:

For 30 years, Scott LoBaido has been a voice; fighting with you and for you on so many issues: promoting and celebrating Old Glory, those who serve, and our great American way, using art, heart, and passion. Now it is time to tell his story, the good, the bad and the ugly that got him to where he is today. He is advocating as a giant voice for you, the American People, through the unusual suspect…Art.

An inspiring American Story of art, patriotism, and activism, told with tons of stills and video footage from Scott’s extensive career, that will surely blow your mind. After 30 years, this story must be told…. NOW more than ever.

This is a wild-ride film like no other and a call to action at a time like no other. This documentary will definitely fire up the patriotic passion in the American people and will give Scott the grand-scale stage to encourage all Americans to join him as he continues to be your voice, as big tech and the media at large fight to erase us every day.

Original artwork by Scott LoBaido. “Drain the Swamp.”

We plan to embark on a nationwide tour with our documentary, “The Relentless Patriot”, targeting conservative cities leading up to the film’s release on June 14, 2024, coinciding with Flag Day and President Donald Trump’s birthday. By strategically organizing screenings in these communities, we aim to create a grassroots movement, engaging with conservative and patriotic-minded individuals. These screenings will not only generate anticipation for the film but also foster a sense of community and shared values. We believe this approach will help build momentum, generating word-of-mouth support and creating a strong foundation for a successful box office presence among our target audience.

Please find a theater near you HERE and support this Trump endorsed film!

With an endorsement from President Donald J. Trump, this film is sure to inspire those who believe in the American flag and everything that stands behind it. Global Ascension Studios is a leading film production company dedicated to creating compelling narratives that inspire, educate, and entertain audiences worldwide. With a focus on celebrating American values and patriotism, the studio’s diverse portfolio includes documentaries, feature films, and television series that resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

The film is directed by the talented and visionary Christopher Martini from Triple Martini Productions and produced by Frank Torchia from Torch Entertainment and Dan Caropreso with executive producers and studio on record, Global Ascension Studios executives, Joshua Macciello, Arthur Sarkissian, and Derek Chan.

Original artwork by Scott LoBaido. “Beauty and the Best.”

Go see “The Relentless Patriot” this weekend and share this article with like-minded friends!

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