Robert Kennedy, Jr. Tells Gateway Pundit in Interview “I AM GOING TO SECURE THE BORDER. WE NEED TO SHUT IT DOWN”. Watch the VIDEO!

We at the Gateway Pundit had a chance to catch up with Robert Kennedy, Jr. this week and speak to him about his stance on securing the border. Please see the clip here:

Cara Castronuova: What would you do, as president, differently at the border?

RFK, JR.: I’m going the secure the border. I’m going to do it by, first of all, the physical barriers and the densely populated areas, the motion detectors the video and the towers in the less populated[areas]…we’re going to close it down and all of the law enforcement, local law enforcement, the ICE, the border patrol we talked to all said ‘yes – if we are given permission we can close down these waves of immigrants.’

I worked with Cesar Chavez during the last twenty years of his life. My father was very, very close to him. One of his closest political allies. During the last twenty years I worked on pesticide issues with him because he was concerned about exposures to Hispanic farm workers. The other issue he was particularly concerned with was closing down the border because he understood that these waves of illegal immigrants coming over were dampening the leverage he had to bargain for legal farm workers in this country and it was making their union organizing very, very difficult. And the people who are coming over here have no legal status. So they are taken advantage of by predatory and unscrupulous employers. It doesn’t do good for anybody. And we need to shut it down.”

Cara: Thank you so much and thank you for showing compassion to the migrants in your documentary, regardless of everything else.

RJK, JR.: Thank you.

If you have not seen Kennedy’s nineteen minute documentary on his visit to the border, it is an absolute must-see if you are looking for a deeper understanding of the situation. Kennedy goes down to the Yuma, Arizona to in his words “see first hand what the problem is and to get as many ideas as possible about the best way to solve the problem.” As a viewer, you almost feel like you are there with him. Kennedy digs deeper, looking for answers. The documentary touches on uncomfortable subject matter- such as the rape of women and children at the border by the cartels, 85,000 unaccounted for migrant children that have entered the United States in the past two years, migrant exploitation, and the fentanyl being smuggled over the border by Mexican cartels that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Watch Kennedy’s outstanding 19 minute documentary “Midnight at the Border” HERE:

Kennedy is told by a grateful border official that he is literally one of only two Democrats that have come down to visit the border. Kennedy does not cast blame on the desperate migrants who were told that the United States has an “open border”, but rather on the “misbegotten policies by high leadership of the United States”. Kennedy shows genuine compassion for the migrants and their plight, while at the same time recognizing that a strong stance must be taken to secure and close the border for the sake of all parties involved. This plan would include re-visiting President Trump’s policies (including those regarding the wall), as well as activating the pre-existing security cameras lining the border that the Biden Administration has allowed to remain turned off. Kennedy also told the Gateway Pundit that he would provide sufficient asylum judges to adjudicate every asylum case at the border before people enter.

Kennedy shakes the hand a of small child at the border.

In the documentary, Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines tells Kennedy: “We would see Plan B (the morning-after pill) found all through out the ground where the cartel (after taking advantage and raping women and young children) would force them to take the Plan B and then send them along their way.”

The government is unable to account for the whereabouts of 85,000 missing migrant children that entered the United States in the past two years.

See a screen grab below from the documentary of the infamous “RAPE TREE” where women and children are raped before they cross the border.

The infamous RAPE TREE at the border where women and children are raped by the cartels before crossing.

“This has been an extraordinary trip for me, because on one hand last night I witnessed this dystopian nightmare of this uncontrolled flow of desperate humanity crossing the border and converging here because of misbegotten policies by high leadership of the United States,” said Kennedy at the end of his documentary.

Kennedy continues:

“After visiting the border I’ve come to understand that the open border policy is just a way funding a multi-billion dollar drug and human trafficking operation for the Mexican drug cartels. When I am President, I will secure the border- which will end the cartel’s drug and trafficking economy…and I will build wide doors for those who wish to enter legally…so the United States can continue to be a beacon to the world, where diversity and culture make us great.”

Make sure to check out this documentary and share it everywhere.

Human trafficking at the border is an incredibly lucrative industry for nefarious agents.

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