Communists Trying to Steal Election in Brazil Are Now Calling for the Arrest of First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro for Serving Meals to Protestors

The Communists trying to steal an election and take over the county of Brazil are now threatening to arrest beautiful First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro for serving meals to protestors. Leftist Senator Randolfe Rodigues called for the arrest of beautiful First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro for the crime of serving meals to protestors.

Joe Biden Regime Still Wants to give Iran’s Mullahs Billions Despite Bloody Crackdown and Revolution!

As the brave people of Iran continue to take to the streets to protest government repression in the face of a live-fire crackdown that has cost at least 55 lives (opposition sources: 200+), Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan wants to keep negotiating with the brutal regime in a deal that may give the Ayatollahs $1 trillion (Gateway reported).

Oh the Irony: Fully Undemocratic EU Parliament Rules Hungary is “No Longer a Democracy“ After EU Backed Neo-Nazis in Recent Election

The European Parliament voted on Thursday to declare Hungary „no longer a full democracy“ – particularly ironic since the EU is ruled by an unelected Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen, whose husband is a Big Pharma lobbyist, and the EU supported actual neo-Nazis in the recent, and very democratic, Hungarian elections.