Judges Investigate ‘Dreadful’ MDC Brooklyn Prison Abuse Where Inmates Die Begging For Help As J6 Political Hostage Pleads For Emergency Surgery: ‘They Sent Me To Here to Set Me Up’

J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel is pleading for assistance from prison guards, his attorney, and the American public to get to an emergency room immediately after strange lumps surfaced on the back of his neck while the blood clots in his leg and foot that he developed months ago remain dangerously untreated.

RAY EPPS EXPOSED: Never Before Released FBI Interview Call Uncovered – J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Exposes James Ray Epps Breaking Federal Law, LYING To The FBI Multiple Times [Part 1]

WATCH: Epps Violates Federal Law LYING To The FBI Multiple Times In Never Before Released Interview New audio reveals suspected government operative James Ray Epps repeatedly lied to the Federal Bureau of Investigations in a never-before-released interview with the bureau obtained by The Gateway Pundit.

OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP By J6 Political Hostage Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett: ‘Wielding The Sword Of Truth Requires Much Sacrifice’

J6 political prisoner and retired fire fighter Richard Barnett, who was famously photographed with his feet up on a desk inside former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office during January 6, 2021 Stop the Steal rally, penned an “Open Letter To President Trump” from his prison cell in Federal Correctional Institution Seagoville.

J6 Political Hostages Ryan Samsel And Jake Lang Moved To Gang Units In Same Jail System Where Esptein Was Killed: ‘The DOJ Set Them Up To Get Stabbed And Beaten’

The government conspicuously moved J6 political hostages Ryan Samsel and Jake Lang to dangerous gang units in the understaffed Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn, notoriously the most “horrific in the country,” alongside notorious child sex traffickers, career criminal gang members ahead of their court proceedings in Washington, DC.

MISSING: J6 Political Hostages Ryan Samsel And Jake Lang Moved In the Middle Of The Night From The Hole In DC Gulag To Undisclosed Location

**UPDATE** J6 political prisoners Ryan Samsel and Jake Lang were transferred to USP Lewisburg on Wednesday. “I just talked to someone from the Lewisburg jail and they told me the reason Jake has not called is because he is only being placed there as a stop and he is going to be in transit again in a few days or weeks to a different prison,” one of Lang’s family members told The Gateway Pundit Thursday. The US Marshals transferred J6 political prisoners Ryan Samsel and Jake Lang from the DC Gulag predawn Tuesday morning to an undisclosed location, and no one knows where they are.

J6 Political Hostage Jake Lang Explains Exactly How Patriots Are Turning The Table On The DOJ: ‘God Is Using Us To Wake Up Tens Of Millions of Americans’

While the men and women who are being held hostage by the Biden regime — detained in pretrial custody, over-prosecuted with bogus 1512 and seditious conspiracy charges, coerced into taking plea deals, and handed the same prison sentences of murderers and rapists for protesting — the unwavering support of the American people is at the light at the end of the tunnel.

HAPPENING NOW… Pro-Palestine Protesters Try to Breach White House, Violently Shake Security Fence (VIDEO)

Thousands of pro-Palestine protesters surrounded the White House Saturday night and attempted to breach the security the fencing outside the executive mansion in a threat to national security that prompted Secret Service agents and DC police in riot gear to rush to the scene. “Fuck Joe Biden!” the mob demonstrators are chanting as they vandalized the gate surrounding the White House.


Over 20 January 6 defendants filed a civil lawsuit on Friday against the District of Columbia, Capitol Hill Police, and Metropolitan Police Department officers for illegally brutalizing demonstrators during the Capitol riot in a complaint that obliterates the government for waging a terror attack against the American people for protesting election theft. Every American who was injured or assaulted by lawbreaking law enforcement officials must provide their signature to join as a plaintiff in the lawsuit at J6CLASSACTION.COM by 9 pm EST Monday, January 8.

New January 6 Documetary PATRIOTS DAY To Premiere on The Gateway Pundit: ‘THE DAY FREE MEN STOOD AGAINST TYRANNY’

Patriots Day, a new documentary exposing the terror attack waged by the government against the American people on January 6, will premiere on The Gateway Pundit on Saturday, commemorating the third anniversary of the most investigated riot in FBI history. The film, created by J6 political hostage Jake Lang, is packed with never-before-seen footage of the Capitol protest.