WATCH: Alex Jones Holds Press Conference At Federal Courthouse In Houston On Hearing To Shut Down Infowars

Infowars founder Alex Jones held a press conference outside of the Houston federal courthouse Friday moments before a federal judge ordered the liquidation of his personal assets.

Jones warned the attempt to silence him and shut down Infowars is part of an attempt to “destroy the First Amendment in America” and outlaw dissent around the globe.

“What we are witnessing here is lawfare and the weaponization of the legal system. I was the test case for what is now being done to President Trump, Steve Bannon, and others. This is an attempt at digital assassination,” Jones told reporters. “I never said any of the things they claimed on Sandy Hook. Two judges in Texas and Connecticut found me guilty by default and then had literal show trials on how guilty I was.

“The billion-half-dollar verdict is a fraud. The judges had already told the jurors that I was guilty. Now, we’ve been in bankruptcy for almost two years proving that everything they claimed about me — I mean [claiming I have] hundreds of millions of dollars — was not true. You notice you don’t hear that anymore. None of that was true. Now, instead of wanting the money that is there, the so-called plaintiffs — who really aren’t the families, it’s the government that’s behind it, that’s come out in court — want me silenced. They sat on the courthouse steps, the plaintiff’s lawyers, in Texas and Connecticut, ‘We want Alex Jones silenced.’ That’s what this is all about.”

Jones revealed that the plaintiff’s lawyers are also trying to shut down his X account. X is the first social media platform that has been allowed to use after the 2018 sweeping and unprecedented censorship of Infowars and Alex Jones, when he and his employees were systematically banned from nearly all online platforms including Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, Pay Pal and Instagram.

“This is about the destruction of the First Amendment in America,” Jones said. “And now, the plaintiff’s lawyers, the Democratic lawyers out of Connecticut filed today to try to take Real Alex Jones on X away from me. Now they want my identity. Under the terms of service of X, you cannot do that because it’s my own personal property.

Judge Christopher Lopez’s ruling Friday will result in many of Jones’ assets including the Infowars studio being sold off. His primary home in the Austin area and some other belongings are exempt from bankruptcy liquidation.

He already has moved to sell his Texas ranch worth an estimated $2.8 million, a gun collection and other assets to help pay debts.

“These people want me silenced. It is completely and totally transparent and the world is seeing through this. I was asked by one reporter earlier, ‘Is this the end?’ This is probably the end of Infowars here very, very soon if not today then in the next few weeks or months. But it’s just the beginning of my fight against tyranny,” Jones said. “‘Surrender? I have only begun to fight.’ People know I’ve been right.

” The corporate media have become mercenaries for the globalists, for Blackrock, for the WEF and the public knows that. So, the power structure, not just here but around the world, is in full collapse. The corporate media is dead and a shadow of its former self because it’s become a prostitute of the big corporations and tried to wage war against the independent popular press,” he continued. “All the most popular hosts, not just here but around the world, are populist anti-globalists, whether it’s Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan or Alex Jones or Russel Brand, the list goes on and on.”

Jones warned the plaintiffs, families of Sandy Hook and their deep state attorneys, “don’t want money;” they want to silence him and shut down his operation.

“Judge Lopez has been fair. He’s followed the law. He’s been very frustrated by the fact that the plaintiffs do not want money…and have only used the bankruptcy process to try to torture me and harass me. It’s done the opposite. My resolve against this tyranny has never been stronger. And I will not be silenced. I’m given hundreds of interview opportunities a day. I’ve got all these incredible groups who want to work for me or work with me. And now this information coming out and this open naked attempt to silence me has blown up in their face.

Infowars could air its final in-studio broadcast any day, as early “as this afternoon,” before the government shuts it down, Jones said.

“I want to commend the crew, I want to commend our listeners,” Jones concluded. “I want to commend our supporters. There are congressional hearings coming up on what’s been done to me and others.”


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