Media Hypes Trump’s Age As He Turns 78 …Meanwhile Conspiracy That ‘Demential Joe’ Is A Clone Continues To Surface on Internet

Mockingbird media is still trying to pull the wool over our eyes and convince the public Joe Biden is competent and coherent while that Donald Trump is too old to be president.

Trump turned 78 on Friday, and the corporate press is hyping up his age, warning the 2024 GOP presidential nominee, like Biden who turned 81 in November, is losing his mental faculties with age.

“At 78, Trump too is showing signs of aging,” Agence France-Press reports.

Comparing Trump to Biden, AFP notes, “In recent months, Trump also confused the leaders of Turkey and Hungary, warned that the world was headed for a second — not third — world war, and called fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter a ‘wonderful man,'” Agence France-Presse notes in its report about why Trump is too old for office.

Matthew Foster, a professional lecturer at American Univesity, claims Trump is giving off the “drunken uncle vibe.”

“He’s giving off the old, drunken uncle vibe at times when he is giving these speeches, and this might be a sign of age, that you become less able to control all your impulses,” Foster told the outlet.

The Washington Post warns Trump would be “the oldest president ever inaugurated” if elected in November.

The risk for both Trump and Biden “is about the same for demonstrating some degree of cognitive decline over the next four to five years,” Joel, Kramer, the Director of the neuropsychology program at the UCSF Memory aging outlet told the publication.

Vox questions “How Trump gets away with being so old” and why “American voters across the political spectrum do not seem as concerned about Trump’s age as they are with Biden’s.”

While “both candidates have plenty of gaffes and quirks,” Vox reports, “Biden’s are interpreted as a sign of advanced age, Trump gets away with just being seen as weird.”



Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s rapidly deteriorating physical and mental state remains the center of speculation across the web.

Democrat voters are leaving the Democrat Party in drones and voting for Donald Trump as Joe Biden embarrasses the United States on the world stage with constant gaffes and an apparent case of dementia.

Many suspect Biden suffers from incontinence and audaciously defecates his pants in public appearances of heads of state.

Biden is so old and lost, that many suspect he is drugged and suffers from dementia. and some even think he is a clone.





One of These People Is Not Joe Biden,” WLT Report notes in a headline alongside older and current photographs of Biden.

“This is not the same person in these two photos and only one of these people is actually Joe Biden — even accounting for aging and so forth:

A video that has garnered over 5 million views on X claims Biden is being “impersonated” by someone who is  “using the CIA Mask technology.”

Even Trump has questioned whether the man we see standing before us as Joe Biden is actually Joe Biden.


“The radical Democrats are wrecking our nation. I don’t even believe it’s him,” Trump has admonished. “I honestly don’t believe it — I don’t think, I don’t think Joe knows where the hell he is if you want to know the — I don’t think it’s him!

A recent New York Times/Siena College poll found that 73 percent of registered voters feel Biden is “too old” to serve as an effective president. Forty-seven percent of respondents said they “strongly agree” that Biden is too old to be an effective president, while 26 percent “somewhat agree.”

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