Critics Slam Biden Silence Over Christian Genocide in Nigeria, Estimated 100,000+ Dead Since ’09

As the world reels from the years of Biden’s ineptitude and incompetence in handling world events, having inflamed the Russia-Ukraine war, mishandled various other crises causing untold death and devastation in contrast to President Trump’s years of global peace from 2017-2021, critics point out that Biden’s administration has turned a completely blind eye to the ongoing genocide of Christians in Nigeria where a reported 100,000 have been brutally murdered.

Biden Blocks New Alaska Oil and Gas Leases to Save Polar Bears, Caribou, Blocks Key Mining Road

The Biden administration announced two major wins for the far-left environmentalists last Friday: it will block new oil and gas leasing on 13 million acres in Alaska’s federal petroleum reserve to protect local wildlife caribou and polar bears, and it will stop development on an access road for mining companies that was previously approved by the Trump administration.

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Mich. State Rep. Sues Legislature, Alleges First Amendment Violations where Democrat Speaker Silencing Elected Officials

Filing in federal court today, Republican Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock alleges that the Democrat Speaker Joe Tate prohibits criticism by sitting legislators of Democrat policies and elected officials and asks the judiciary to render it unconstitutional under the First Amendment. You can read the complaint here, and the request for an injunction here.

Disgusting: BLM Chicago Tweets Support for Hamas Terrorists, includes Image of Paragliders Used to Murder Young Adults at Dance Party

Most political discourse around the weekend’s terror attack by Hamas against Israeli concert-goers, where an alleged 800 plus have been killed and an unknown more kidnapped, has predominantly supported Israel and 10 million Israelis, and a minority has argued for the interests of millions of Palestinian civilians. Some of the attackers broke through Israeli border security by flying motorized paragliders on their way to commit violent terrorism.