Michigan State Capitol Sent Threatening Pro-Palestinian Bomb Threat, Same as Penn., Staffers Think Its Another FBI Plot

Earlier today the Gateway Pundit reported that the Pennsylvania State Capitol was being evacuated because of an email bomb threat ‘in the name of Palestine.’

Pennsylvania State Capitol Evacuated: Pro-Hamas Protestor Allegedly Sends Email Bomb Threat and Death Warnings ‘In the Name of Palestine’

Now we can confirm that the Michigan State Capitol, both House and Senate, has received the same threat, and staffers are openly wondering and worrying if this is yet another FBI False Flag event meant to distract from Democrat Joe Biden's horrible poll numbers.

State Rep. Steve Carra (R), told the Gateway Pundit that, if this threat is real, it demonstrates a continued pattern of far-left political violence.

"The radical left threatens death and destruction in an attempt to get their way and plants operatives at conservative rallies to incite violence, making it look like conservatives are extremists. Then government and the mainstream media pushes their narrative over the truth."

Rep. Carra continued by saying, if this were to be found to be yet another federal operation or instigated by the FBI, that it "is treasonous activity and quite frankly it’s repulsive that mainstream media aids and abets this dangerous behavior by peddling disinformation narratives instead of reporting on facts."

Here's what one staffer said about the email sent yesterday at 5:22 pm to all Michigan legislators:

"Who the hell believes this s*** anymore? How can anyone think that anyone would take an obvious risk in parading around as a perceived skin head or some email jihadi? The obvious point is - even if you hate Israel, what does a terror threat gain the Palestinians other than universal disgust?

It seems like this is yet another FBI False Flag event meant to cover up for their Department of Justice and White House bosses," said one legislative staffer in the House who was not authorized to speak on behalf of their office.

The staffer released exclusively to the Gateway Pundit copies of the emails received by legislative offices, posted below:

The Michigan Capitol has been a hotbed of protests and political controversy.

In April 2020 the pro-Trump Michigan Conservative Coalition held the nation's first anti-COVID-Lockdown protest, Operation Gridlock, which was open to the public and several of the attendees went up and into the Capitol with masks on, holding long guns, intimidating Capitol security.

Protest organizers felt as though those individuals were there to disrupt and delegitimize the protests, that they were what some refer to as "false flags" or "agent provocateurs" who were meant to instigate violence to delegitimize a political group by association.

Later that year, there was a major federal operation and prosecution of individuals allegedly tied to a plot to kidnap and 'put on trial' the far-left Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The case of the Whitmer Kidnapping Hoax of October 2020 has largely been revealed to be an effort by federal authorities to entrap a small group of men who were harmless.

Eight were ultimately charged for their roles in the kidnapping plot, where the only evidence that they took steps in furtherance of the plot was that they drove by the Governor's house once and lingered outside, and of the eight, four were convicted in the nation's notoriously prosecution-friendly federal criminal courts.

The national embarassment of a prosecution involved multiple defendants being revealed to be confidential informants and undercover agents for federal authorities, and the main FBI source was a degenerate sex addict in a cuckolding relationship that involved claims of violence and domestic violence who had zero credibility.

Courageous Republican State Rep. Rachelle Smit honored one of the supposed Whitmer kidnappers who was acquitted, with a public award for standing up against the malicious prosecution and smear campaign leveled against him.

Pro-Palestinian protesters had been active at the Michigan Capitol in 2023, as the Gateway Pundit reported at the time.

The mainstream media calls it a 'falsehood' but many Americans are convinced that the FBI and others instigated violence on January 6th, including the involvement of Ray Epps who is caught repeatedly on camera instigating violence and yet receiving suspicious sweetheart light deals from prosecutors.

The FBI has an extensive recent history of being a political enforcement arm of the Biden White House. Just last month the FBI was caught harassing a Texas whistleblower who was upset at the way Texas hospitals were breaking state law to perform transgender surgeries on kids.

The FBI sends plainclothes agents to harass Trump supporters for their Facebook posts. The FBI has raided James O'Keefe, and others, for investigating the Biden family.

In 2015, a supposed ISIS member was caught going to an event by Pamela Geller where he was planning to behead Geller.

It came out later that the FBI was in continuous contact with the individual, and encouraged him to take the terroristic action. He was later sentenced to 28 years in prison.

Several legislators in the House and Senate refused to comment due to the issue being an ongoing investigation.

The domain hosting the email address has been registered since December 2019.

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