Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 02/02/24 — UK Faces Tragic Loss Among Children Due to ‘Magic Juice’ Crisis; Biden’s Detroit Visit Met with Protests and Heavy Police Presence; Major Legal Developments Shake Up Political Sphere, and MORE

  Tonight is Friday, February 2 – and on this episode of Gateway: Beyond the Headlines… A stunning new report shows that UK children are dying at an alarming rate after “magic juice” was introduced.

Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 1/31/24 — Dr. Peter McCullough Sheds Light on Mysterious Teen Death, Abbott’s Warning to Sanctuary Cities, Montana’s CPS Medically Kidnapped Teenage Girl, and Will Scharf Discusses the Iowa Hate Crime Case, and MORE

  Tonight on Gateway: Beyond the Headlines– IMMIGRATION, BORDER UPDATES, AND SANCTUARY CITIES- Are airports now helping illegal immigrants travel with fewer documents than everyday passengers?

Gateway: Beyond the Headlines With Special Guest Host Brittney Hopper 01/19/24-Media Attorney Matt Bilinksy, Rep. Dave Williams, GOP Candidate Elizabeth Barcohana, Ben Bergquam and Becky Zin – 8:00 PM ET

Guest Host Brittney Hopper with Matt Bilinsky on Gateway Beyond the Headlines

Tonight – Will Special Prosecutor Jack Smith’s trial be delayed? Judge Chutkan hints at that possibility – and bars lawyers from filing any new motions. Rep. Dave Williams, Chairman of the Colorado GOP, joins tonight’s special guest host Brittney Hopper to discuss that and a new brief from three Attorneys General that President Trump is constitutionally qualified to appear on the ballot.

Then, Media Attorney Matt Bilinksy joins the show to discuss the latest controversy after UFC midweight fighter Sean Strickland told a reporter, “You are an infection,” among other things. Was his fierce pushback warranted?

Next, after we saw scores of Americans moving out of big cities during the height of COVID, what will big cities look like by 2100? A new study says big cities may be empty – and Los Angeles area attorney and 42nd district GOP Candidate Elizabeth Barcohana joins the show to discuss.

We’ve heard rumblings about Tucker and his future – but now Donald Trump Jr. says Carlson is “certainly” a contender to be President Trump’s running mate. And after that, a New York judge refused to dismiss charges against NYC Subway Hero Daniel Penny – so what’s next for him? Real America’s Voice host Ben Bergquam joins Brittney with more details.

Finally, are schools at risk of closing? Becky Zin from Capitol Resource Institute joins the show with shocking news that thousands of schools across the country are at risk after a massive drop in enrollment.

Watch (Video will be available at 8:00 PM ET)


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Another Stellar Line-Up at Gateway: Beyond the Headlines 1-13-24 — Tom Fitton on Biden’s Email Aliases, Todd Bensman and Taylor Cramer at US Border, Dr. Joseph Varon and Colonel John Mills (Ret) –Noon ET

Tonight, Texas seizes border land featuring Taylor Cramer, Independent Journalist, and Todd Bensman, Senior Fellow, Center for Immigration Studies Ivory is joined by independent journalistElizabeth Laneto discuss weapons sent to Ukraine that are missing and then Colonel John Mills (Ret.) is on the program to discuss the US bombing of Yemen.