Democrat Senator: “Climate Change Threatens Our National Security” (VIDEO)

Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Image Screenshot) On the same day the White House Press Secretary made the outrageous claimthat Climate Change is a greater threat to Americans than terrorism, Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse from Rhode Island stood before Congress and stated that Climate Change is a threat to the country’s national security (video below): “Just last week the administration’s 2015 National Security strategy classified Climate Change as, and I quote, ‘an urgent and growing threat to out National Security.’ …The challenge that Climate Change poses to National Security and to emergency preparedness is clearly laid out in the Department of Homeland Security’s 2014 Quadrennial Security Review.

Obama: Climate Deniers Are Wasting Everybody’s Time

Posted by The P/Oed Patriot President Obama (sceenshot) While continuing to spread the lie that Climate Change is settled science during a recent visit to a Wal-Mart in California, President Obama also took a jab at those he refers to as “Climate Deniers” by saying that they are wasting everybody’s time (video below): “Inside of Washington we still have some Climate Deniers who shout loud, but they are wasting everybody’s time on a settled debate.” Someone should inform the President that at least 1 in 4 Americans don’t believe in the fiction of Climate Change either.

PRICELESS: Pat Sajak Disses Al Gore & Obama

Posted by The P/Oed Patriot Pat Sajak () It’s a rare thing to see someone connected to Hollywood that isn’t drinking the Obama / Global Warming kool-aid, so when it happens it’s always worthy of our attention.Case in point.

Pro-Democracy? SEIU Rigs Its Own Internal Elections

SEIU Member Carrying Communist Flag (PJ Media) It would seem that SEIU not only likes to have Communists take part in their protests, but they’re also happy to adopt Marxist tactics when it comes to internal elections.

Top Democrat Donor Linked To Ponzi Scheme

Billionaire Tom Seyer (Financial Post) According to an article on, a top donor to the Democratic party has allegedly been linked to a Ponzi scheme: Billionaire Democratic benefactor Tom Steyer was linked through a hedge fund he founded to an alleged scheme to defraud foreign investors of $60 million, according to legal documents filed in a Texas court.

VICTORY! Cattle Is Finally Released Back To Bundy Family

(Older image of Bundy cattle from FoxNews) After a very tense standoff between Bundy supporters and the BLM, government officials have finally released the cattle that was seized by the Bureau of Land Management back to the Bundy family.

UPDATE! VIDEO: Feds & Swat Teams Confronted Bundy Supporters Trying To Retrieve Cattle

According to Fox News: Police and Swat Teams are in an armed standoff with protesters just up the road. Basically there are protesters that are blocking the south bound lane of Interstate 15, the major north-south interstate between Nevada and Utah. They were up there and trying to retrieve cattle that belonged to rancher Clive Bundy that had been impounded by the Bureau of Land Management. Bundy had said about an hour or two ago, “Listen if I don’t hear from the BLM in one hour we’re going to go get’em.” About 200 protesters left this area, headed up there, went to the impound area and then blocked I-15 in the process.

UPDATE! BREAKING!! Possible Deal Struck Between Nevada Rancher And Government Officials

Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie (Las Vegas Review Journal) According to an article on 8 News, a deal may have been negotiated by Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie between the Bundy Ranch and BLM officials: A major development is percolating in the showdown at the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada — a possible deal is in the works.

Obama To Receive “Ambassador To Humanity” Award From Spielberg

(CBSNews) In what has to be the one of the largest “wth” moments since President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, according to an article on The Hill, President Obama is to receive an “Ambassador To Humanity Award” from Steven Spielberg: President Obama will speak next month at a gala celebrating the 20th anniversary of a Holocaust history foundation established by director Steven Spielberg.

Virginia Democrat: ALL NRA Supporters Are “Pure Trash”

According to an article on the Examiner, Mike Dickinson, a Democrat running for a Congressional House seat in Virginia, tweeted Saturday that all NRA supporters are “Pure Trash”: @danieljpayne @HustlerMag @NRA that the NRA is a god awful fear mongering group and those who support the NRA are pure trash — DickinsonForCongress (@VoteMike2014) April 5, 2014   He then went on to call the NRA a “crybaby association”: If you are a member or supporter of the @NRA I don’t want your support.

Famous Environmentalist: People Are Just “Guessing” About The Climate

Scientist and Environmentalist James Lovelock (The Guardian) In the wake of the latest alarmist UN report on Climate Change, according to an article on The Daily Caller, famous environmentalist, James Lovelock, has dared to confront the UN’s claims by saying that when it comes to the climate, people are just guessing: Environmentalist and scientist James Lovelock has turned heads for saying that he doesn’t think “anybody really knows what’s happening” with the climate.

Figures: Communist Allied MO State Democratic Rep Stands Against “Paycheck Protection” Legislation

Clem Smith (left), Rita Days and Communist Party leader Tony Pecinovsky, Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards Breakfast 2010 ( To paraphrase an old Bible verse: “If God is on our side, who could be on theirs?” In the case of a piece of legislation called “Paycheck Protection” making it’s way through the Missouri legislator right now, it seems the Communists, and their allies, are on the side trying to stop it.