Bill Gates Writes Op Ed For Chinese Communist Party News

Bill Gates (Bill Gates Strategies)

Even though the Chinese Communist Party is busy destroying Catholic churches in a barbaric campaign against the religion, progressive Bill Gates doesn’t seem to care.

According to an article on Reuters, Bill Gates has decided to be a mouth piece for the Chinese Communist Party and write an op ed for their newspaper telling the people of China …to give to the poor:

(Reuters) – Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Monday took to the pages of the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, to encourage people in China to do more for the poor.

“China has many successful entrepreneurs and business people. I hope that more people of insight will put their talents to work to improve the lives of poor people in China and around the world, and seek solutions for them,” Gates wrote in an editorial.

…Gates earlier this month said in an interview with Reuters he thought people in China would take cues from central leadership on donations and worthy causes.

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