Socialist Senator To College Students: Vast Majority Of Americans Support Our Agenda

Senator Bernie Sanders (wonkette)

Some folks can be described as being “out of touch”, then there are people like self described Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, who are living in their own fantasy land.

According to an article on Charleston City, Senator Sanders spoke to a group of enthusiastic college students in South Carolina where he stated that he believes that the majority of the American people support his Socialist agenda:

Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist from Vermont, spent part of Friday afternoon preaching to the choir in an auditorium at the College of Charleston. Throughout a wide-ranging talk that touched on wealth distribution, single-payer healthcare, and the Koch brothers’ political clout, Sanders earned applause and enthusiastic nods from the crowd that consisted largely of students, faculty, and local liberal activists.

The senator’s talking points largely echoed ones he made in October at a fall getaway of the S.C. Progressive Network. He said that the United States is turning into an oligarchy, called for a jobs program to rebuild infrastructure, praised European models of taxpayer-funded college education, and criticized Republican Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal.

“I believe the agenda that we are talking about is an agenda that the vast majority of the American people support. You agree?” Sanders said.

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