Preaching Lies: Archbishop of Wales Pushes Global Warming During Easter Sermon

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Dr. Barry Morgan Archbishop of Wales (BBC News)

For most Christians, Easter is the time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but for the Archbishop of Wales, it’s a time to talk about fictional man-made Global Warming.

According to an article on The South-Wales Evening Post, Archbishop of Wales, Dr. Barry Morgan, decided to push man-made climate change during Easter mass:


Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales, delivered his Easter sermon today and called on Christians to help combat climate change.

Talking at Llandaff Cathedral he told worshippers to take climate change and its effects seriously and understand the responsibility that they have to protect future generations.

Dr Morgan said: “The Resurrection is also about the transformation of the universe. That being the case, not only must we care for one another, we must also have a care for God’s world as well.

“That is why, as Christians, we have to take climate change and its effects seriously. Rising global temperatures are causing droughts, melting glaciers, warming of permafrost, heat waves and coastal floods in almost every part of the world. Already this year we have seen extreme weather patterns, not just in distant far flung places where it is nothing new, but here in Wales and the rest of the UK – this is no longer someone else’s problem. It is ours.

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