(Facepalm) Teens Suing Feds For Not Having A Plan To Fight Climate Change

(Michelle Bachmann)

There are some news stories that make a person take pause and give thanks for their lives and for their blessings. Then there are those that are so ridiculous that they make your eyes bleed and all you can do to stop the pain is to cover your face with your hands, like this next article.

According to an article on Natural World News.com, a group of teens in California are suing the Federal Government because they don’t have a plan to fight Climate Change:

A group of California youth is suing a slew of government agencies, including the EPA, for failing to develop a plan of action against climate change.

The plaintiffs demand that the federal government immediately devise a climate recovery strategy to avoid 2 degrees C of warming above preindustrial levels. Commonly touted as the amount of flex room humans have before a deadly degree of climate change is unleashed across the planet, the threshold is something of a best-case-scenario at this point, according to researchers, who warn the planet is on track to reach twice that by the end of the century. What’s more, a recent study by James Hansen, former director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, cautions that even 2 C is too much if “young people, future generations and nature” are to be spared “irreparable harm.

One would almost hate to point out the fact, to this batch of “California’s brightest”, that the earth hasn’t warmed in over 15 years, except they would probably just cry “climate denier” or maybe ball up into the fetal position and just cry.  Either way not worth the effort.

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