California College Students Gather To Support Socialist Venezuelan Government

A masked university student demonstrator returns a teargas canister to Bolivarian National Guards during clashes in Caracas, Venezuela. (Times Union)

Over the past few months, 41 people have died while protesting the Socialist government in Venezuela.

What have some Californian college students done to honor those deaths? Gathered to show solidarity with the Socialist government of course.

According to an article on Workers World, college students from several local, Californian colleges gathered to watch Socialist movies and show support for their fellow Socialist in Venezuela:

An educational meeting on Venezuela was held in Oakland, Calif., at Laney College on April 10.  The solidarity event was sponsored by the Bay Area Latin American Solidarity Coalition and in collaboration with the Associated Students of Laney College and the Brown Alliance of Students Taking Action.

The film, “Viva Venezuela: Fighting for Socialism,” was shown. Martín Sánchez, former consul general of Venezuela to San Francisco, led the discussion, along with Camilla Schneider, who had recently returned from Venezuela as part of a visiting delegation.

The film conveyed that the people, who support the revolutionary government,…

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