MAY DAY RIOTS! Communists Clash With Police; Burn Cars, Smash Windows (VIDEO)

Posted by Patch W. Adams the P/Oed Patriot
Commies Milan(Image Screenshot)

In what can only be described as tame in comparison to the riots in Baltimore, Communists, and other anti-capitalist leftest groups, clashed with police on Friday in Italy. The International Business Times reports that the Progressive groups gathered to celebrate May Day and to protest a Universal Exhibition being held in the Italian city of Milan:

Clashes have erupted in central Milan between black-clad protesters and police overshadowing a largely peaceful protest against the Expo 2015 (Universal Exposition) on 1 May.

Italian police fired teargas at the masked protesters who had pelted officers with stones, set ablaze several vehicles and rubbish bins and set off firecrackers and smoke bombs inside shops.

The No Expo protest kicked off on 30 April, when hundreds of students gathered in Milan to protest against the exposition. The protesters believe the Expo will not benefit Italy but instead the corporations collaborating with the event.”

CNBC International video below:

More video of the destruction caused and the efforts to clean it up: