Communism Failing Again: Cuba Turns To Co-ops To Slow Growth In Capitalism

A farmer plows the land with two oxen in La Lisa on the outskirts of Havana

Everywhere that Communism has been tried, it has failed. It seems that Cuba is beginning to learn that when you take away an individual’s right to own private property, you take away a person’s motivation to work.

According to an article on Reuters, Cuba’s failing economy has led them to try out Capitalism, slowly, by beginning Co-ops:


Reuters) – Cuba’s slow, cautious reforms to revive its state-runeconomy suddenly burst into life at businesses like Karabali, a Havana nightclub owned by a 21-member cooperative.

The communist government began leasing Karabali to its employees just six months ago and now the once sleepy club is regularly packed with more than 100 customers from midnight until dawn despite competition from dozens of private and state-run night spots in the city.

Out on bustling 23rd Street in the Vedado district, bright multicolored lights beckon a young, almost entirely Cuban crowd into Karabali to see live music on weekends.

Even on Wednesdays, when only recorded music plays, the place is jumping as hip-swiveling patrons dance on stage to rumba.

A feeling of ownership has replaced the apathy that afflicts many state enterprises, and the cooperative’s members are optimistic. There is a buzz about the place, their salaries have been tripled, and they get a cut of the profits.

“We have more of a sense that this belongs to us,” said Heydell Alom, who has spent 11 of his 38 years tending bar at the club.

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