DOH! UN Looks To Catholic Church To Promote Agenda 21

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pope UN
UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon and Pope Francis (spyghana)

Yesterday Pope Francis called on the UN to look for a fair redistribution of wealth in an effort to help the world’s poor. Today, according to an article on, the UN is looking to the Catholic Church to help push Sustainable Development (Agenda 21)

Agenda 21 is the United Nations plan for pushing Sustainable Development around the world. It was devised at the United Nations Conference on Environment & Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in June of 1992.

SpyGhana reported:

Mr. Ban met with the Pontiff following two days of meetings in Rome with the UN’s most senior executives to discuss the world body’s global mission to promote peace, human rights and sustainable development.

“We represent the family of the United Nations – and we meet at a time of test for the human family,” the Secretary-General said during his audience with the Pope.

“Inequality is growing. Injustice is prevalent. There is too much intolerance among peoples and faiths. All of these aggravate insecurity.”

The UN chief cited the “horrific” fighting between Christians and Muslims in the Central African Republic; the ongoing crisis in South Sudan; the Syrian conflict, now in its fourth year; tensions in Ukraine; and the growing impacts of climate change around the world.

“Across the UN agenda, I see the need for calm, compassion, cooperation and courage,” said Mr. Ban. “Your Papacy embodies these principles and has inspired people in all regions and from all backgrounds. We deeply appreciate your personal commitment to eradicating poverty and promoting sustainable development.

I count on the Catholic Church, under your leadership, to continue to work closely with the United Nations to promote a life of dignity for all. Our meeting today will send a very strong message of solidarity in our common cause.”

Several states have banned, or tried to ban,  Agenda 21 from being implemented in an effort to protect property rights. But if the Catholic church is now jumping on board the UN Sustainable Development bandwagon, will it now be preached from the pulpit? Heaven, and the Pope, only knows….


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