UPDATE! VIDEO: Feds & Swat Teams Confronted Bundy Supporters Trying To Retrieve Cattle

According to Fox News:

Police and Swat Teams are in an armed standoff with protesters just up the road.  Basically there are protesters that are blocking the south bound lane of Interstate 15, the major north-south interstate between Nevada and Utah.  They were up there and trying to retrieve cattle that belonged to rancher Clive Bundy that had been impounded by the Bureau of Land Management.  Bundy had said about an hour or two ago, “Listen if I don’t hear from the BLM in one hour we’re going to go get’em.”  About 200 protesters left this area, headed up there, went to the impound area and then blocked I-15 in the process. That brought out Federal, State, Local Police, Swat Teams and that’s where it is right now.

Since this video was taken, the BLM agents who were guarding the cattle pen have left the area and only a small number of local Police are now guarding the cattle pen.

Watch the Live Feed Here.

We hope to post more video of the incident as it becomes available.


According to an article on 8 News Now, the cattle will be released to the Bundy family later Saturday afternoon:

LAS VEGAS —  A deal has been reached between Bundy family leaders and the BLM, but not without some very tense moments.

Armed Bundy family leaders met with BLM officers Saturday afternoon in Mesquite to discuss the fate of the Bundy’s cattle that the feds removed from BLM land, over the past week. The cattle are being held at a holding area in Mesquite.

Prior to the meeting, hundreds of protesters, some armed, tried storming the BLM’s cattle gate, but weren’t successful. The crowd was urged to wait 30 minutes and give both sides a chance to talk. An agreement was reached that the cattle will be released to the Bundy family later Saturday.

At one point, I-15 was closed in both directions, about seven miles south of Mesquite, because protesters had blocked the freeway. Nearly two dozen police officers and a SWAT unit were at the scene to keep the peace and assist the BLM enforcement officers to safely leave the area.

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