1,000 Chinese Christians Forced Out Of Church By Communists

The Chinese Communist Party forced 1000 Christians out of this Mega-Church in China. (ScreenShot)

The Communist Party in China has secretly declared war on the Christian Community. In 2011 reports came out of China describing secret beatings, harassment, and torture of Chinese Christians by the Communist Party (which they denied). In 2014, the Communists have increased the aggression against Christians by openly destroying churches, usually giving bogus claims for their actions.

The Communist Party’s latest excuse for destroying a mega-church in eastern China is so laughable and transparent that even a blind mind could see it for the lie that it is. According to an article on the National Post, the latest church was destroyed because the cross on the building was “too shiny”:


One thousand Christians have been forced from their place of worship in a city in eastern China after Communist Party officials decided their 10-storey mega-church was an eyesore that needed to be destroyed.

A wave of church demolitions in Zhejiang province has raised fears that Beijing is reining in China’s rapidly growing Christian community, which some leaders believe could pose a political threat.

Members of the Xiaying Holy Love congregation in Ningbo, a port city about 225 kilometres south of Shanghai, say local officials ordered them to vacate their church last month after a visiting politician was appalled by the size of the cross on its roof.

…One church member said: “They told us the cross was too shiny, too tall and too big. At first they asked us to put it on the wall. We refused. Now they have told us they will tear the church down.”

The Telegraph sent in a reporter to do a story on this latest attack against Christians by the Communist Party. The reporter claims that he was harassed and even had his picture taken when his crew refused to move away from the church.
Here’s the video:

It’s easy to forget as an American that the Communist do not want individuals to worship God. To the Progressive left there is no God but the Government and no one has any rights unless given to them by man.

The Communist war on Christians in China is a solemn reminder as to what the Progressives truly believe in and where those beliefs will eventually take us.

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Authored by P.W. Adams, The P/Oed Patriot

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