Pro-Democracy? SEIU Rigs Its Own Internal Elections

SEIU Member Carrying Communist Flag (PJ Media)

It would seem that SEIU not only likes to have Communists take part in their protests, but they’re also happy to adopt Marxist tactics when it comes to internal elections.

According to an article on Labor, SEIU Local 221 has been playing election shenanigans by making it almost impossible for their members to vote for union officer positions :

SEIU Local 221 in San Diego held an internal officer election last December. Union members protested the results of the election after just 41 of the 5,000 members—less than 1 percent—actually filled out ballots to vote, forcing the local chapter to hold a do-over.

Apparently so few members participated in the “democratic” process because the incumbents made it exceptionally difficult to vote. Instead of offering mail-in ballots or worksite polling places, the union put up voting booths at “5 weird Starbucks locations” on a single day, according to anonymous union members.

…..some union members allege that the SEIU Local 221 incumbents censored challenger candidates’ statements on why they’re running.

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