EPA Lost Track Of HUNDREDS Of Government Issued Passports

(ABC News)

While the EPA feels that they should be able to track the amount of carbon created by a coal fired power plant, they can’t seem to even keep track of their own Government issued passports.

According to an article on EE News.net, a report has been released stating that the EPA has lost Hundreds of government issued passports:

U.S. EPA’s international affairs office lost track of about 200 passports purported to be in its possession, according to a new report from the agency’s watchdog.

The audit released today by the EPA Office of Inspector General found that 199 of the 417 employee passports reportedly in the possession of the Office of International and Tribal Affairs couldn’t be located.

The office failed to enforce its passport guidance of having staff return passports after travel, the report said. “Lack of compliance with agency guidance may put the agency in the position where sensitive personally identifiable information is not being adequately protected.”

The audit was conducted as part of a broader probe into EPA’s policies in the wake of the fraud of former top air official John Beale, who’s now in prison for lying for years about doing secret work for the CIA while stealing government salary and benefits.

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