Progressives Criticize Indiana Official For Cracking Joke About Global Warming

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Keith Baugues assistant commissioner of the Office of Air Quality in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. (Greenbaypressgazette)

According to an article on the Green bay Press Gazette, an Indiana official was criticized for cracking a joke about Global Warming:

INDIANAPOLIS — Keith Baugues is not a scientist, but that didn’t stop him on a recent wintry day from expressing skepticism about global warming – something that is broadly accepted in the scientific community.

After weeks of heavy snow and freezing air, he had had enough. He took to a government message board one day in February, complaining that his normal 45-minute commute had turned into a painful three-hour slog. “Anyone who says global warming is obviously suffering from frostbite,” he wrote.

Baugues would later say he was only joking. But he wasn’t just any government bureaucrat. Baugues is assistant commissioner in the Office of Air Quality in the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the man in charge of cleaning up Indiana’s air.

The reaction from the Progressives who worship at the altar of fictional man made Climate Change was swift:

“Either support consensus science or please keep your opinions to yourself. The rest of us are embarrassed by your unwillingness to accept what is happening,” one worker wrote.

Another said that Baugues “should not speak on such matters until he is better informed.” Then that person, who was not named, took pains to point out that recent extremes of cold weather were caused by warming global temperatures. That resulted in more water being absorbed into the atmosphere, pushing the arctic jet stream farther south.

“The fact that (Baugues) disparages the exact kind of science that disproves his statement only further illustrates how out of touch this administration is with the current environmental crisis facing not only Hoosiers, but the entire world,” the person wrote.

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