Shocker! Communists & Socialists Along With SEIU Lead Minimum Wage Movement

Socialist Col
(National Review)

The fact that labor unions and Communists in the United States are openly working together to push forward a progressive agenda really isn’t new news (to most of us). From unions openly funding the Communist Party USA, to Communists using local union halls for ceremonies, even several examples of Communists giving Democrats and Union Presidents awards, the ties between extremist groups on the left and labor unions runs deep.

Which is why it’s no real surprise that The National Review is reporting that Communists have once again teamed up with SEIU to push the minimum wage in New York:


Across six continents Thursday, a union-financed labor front-group called Fast Food Forward held protests for a higher minimum wage. The group organized a number of demonstrations in Manhattan, and National Review Online was there to investigate.

Young leaders wearing Communist-party buttons and Socialist Alternative T-shirts led an event in Manhattan’s Herald Square, calling for a minimum wage of $15 an hour and the right to form unions without retaliation.

…This is Leon Pinsky, an employee of Socialist Alternative, an American socialist political party:

He’s also a volunteer for Fast Food Forward, an organization financed by the Service Employees International Union…

While MSNBC reported on the protests (video below) they failed to mention the fact that radical Communists played a major role in the organization of at least one of them. Maybe the reporters  missed all of the Communists and Socialists parading around in front of them. Or maybe MSNBC reporters are just color blind and can’t see the color… Red.

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Authored by P.W. Adams, The P/Oed Patriot

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