Union Prez, Dem Aldermen, & City Councilmen Attend Connecticut Communist Convention

communist convention
Connecticut Communist Party convention in New Haven. (People’s World)

Connecticut is on the fast track to replacing Chicago as the hotbed of Communist activity in the United States. There have been numerous Communist award ceremonies held in public facilities, and a town even named a day after a Communist activist.

To add to this disturbing trend, the Communist Party USA news, People’s World, reports that a Union President, a local alderman, and a City Council Leader recently attended a Communist Convention in New Haven where they praised the Communist Party:

NEW HAVEN, Conn.-Messages from labor and community leaders, participation by young people, and adoption of a Connecticut Economic Bill of Rights highlighted the lively and powerful convention of the Connecticut district of the Communist Party on May Day weekend.

“It’s time to turn up the heat,” said Rev. Scott Marks, recognizing the YCL (Young Communist League) and New Elm City Dream youth group who have been marching to end violence with the theme “Jobs for Youth – Jobs for All.” The demands that the youth have brought forward have been adopted as top priorities by the New Haven Board of Alders on which union members and their allies hold a super majority.

Jennifer Graham and Jackie Marks, high school students representing New Elm City Dream on the mayor’s planning committee to rebuild the Q House youth center, got loud applause when they explained, “We wanted to bring the violence down. We marched and campaigned for the Q House.”

Local 34 Unite Here president Laurie Kennington, Alderwoman Evette Hamilton and Hartford City Council Minority Leader (Working Families Party) Larry Deutsch also appreciated the Communist Party for always being there for working people.

Laurie Kennington, President of Local 34 Unite Here, recently received an award from the CPUSA at another event held in the auditorium of a New Haven public high school.

Alderwoman Evette Hamilton is a Democrat representing the 24th Ward in New Haven, CT and can now be counted as one of several Democratic politicians in Connecticut that are known to associate with the CPUSA.

Hartford City Council Minority Leader, Larry Deutsch, is a member of the Working Families Party (WF). The Working Families Party was founded by a coalition of former members of ACORN, The Democratic Socialists of America, and other various Unions (SEIU for one). It also has ties to the former Socialist New Party who worked extensively with then Senate candidate Obama who was also endorsed by The New Party and was a member.

As you can see Connecticut is becoming a progressive haven for Communists. If this trend keeps up the freedom loving citizens of the state may be hard pressed to find someone to elect to office that represents their views…of individual Liberty.

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Authored by P.W. Adams, The P/Oed Patriot