Seattle Socialist Councilwoman: “It’s Time To Reject Capitalism”

socialist Pic
Kshama Sawant Seattle councilwoman. (Screen Shot)

Capitalism has allowed free men the opportunity to peacefully acquire wealth through the ability to earn private property by selling goods or services to his fellow man. It drives growth and innovation because it encourages an individual to strive to make a better product or offer a better service.

Marxism in practice, on the other hand, demands that all property and income are owned by the state so that it may be equally distributed to all. It quashes innovation and growth because an individual has no motivation to better him/herself or his position in life. It has failed wherever it has been tried and creates totalitarianism and slavery.


But don’t tell that to Socialist councilwoman Kshama Sawant in Seattle. According to an article on PBS News, during an interview she stated it’s time to get rid of Capitalism:

And so our attitude should be that capitalism at one time had the ability to harness technology for this, but it has long since served any social purpose other than for the very wealthy, for the billionaires. So capitalism generates more poor people every year and more billionaires every year. It’s time to reject capitalism and go towards a future that actually ensures a decent standard of living for everybody on the planet in an environmentally sustainable way, which is possible, but not under capitalism.

I guess she missed this old, but accurate description of her Marxist ideology.  Shame:

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