EPA Head: If You Have An Energy Star Appliance You Should Believe In Global Warming.

Gina McCarthy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (inhabitat)

Just when you thought that members of the Obama Administration couldn’t say anything more ridiculous, in steps in the Gina McCarthy.

According to an article on Front Page Mag.com, Gina McCarthy says that if you have an Energy Star sticker on your appliance, then you should believe in Global Warming:


EPA Chief Gina McCarthy is really trying to live up to the standards of her lunatic predecessor with her latest rant.

After claiming that Global Warming was holding back millions of African-Americans, she said something even dumber.“It’s worrisome that our science seems to be under constant assault by a small — but vocal — group of critics,” McCarthy said.

“I bet when those same critics get sick, they run to doctors and hospitals that rely on science from — guess who — Harvard University and the American Cancer Society,” McCarthy continued. “I bet they check air quality forecasts from EPA and the National Weather Service to see if the air is healthy enough for their asthmatic child to play outside that day. I bet they buy dishwashers with Energy Star labels, and take FDA-approved medicine, and eat USDA-approved meats. … People and businesses around the world look to EPA and other federal agencies because our science is reliable, and our scientists are credible.”

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