Anti-Smart Meter Bill Introduced In Missouri

SM (Image Vancover 24)

The privacy battle between American citizens and utility companies over the Obama administration’s Smart Grid has now reached the Show-Me-State.

The Bell News reports that an Anti-Smart Meter bill, which will allow consumers to opt out of the Smart Meter program, has now been filled in the state of Missouri for the first time:

Republican Representative Tim Remole has introduced an Anti-Smart Meter bill titled HB 1175. 

… HB 1175 creates an Opt-Out option for those of us who do not wish to have a Smart Meter on our home by forcing the utility company to replace the Smart Meter with an analog meter at no additional charge. The utility also can not charge you a higher electric rate for opting out.”

Read the entire bill, and to find out how you can help advance this bill in Missouri go Here.


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