Feminist Grinnell College Professor Offering Course on “American Whiteness”

A Grinnell College Professor will be offering a course on “American Whiteness” that will focus on “attacking racism by making whiteness visible.” Liberal looney toon Professor Karla Erickson is a self described “feminist ethnographer”, and will be teaching the discriminatory course that will explore “whiteness as a specific racial formation with a distinct history, proactive and defensive politics, and institutional and personal investments.” Campus Reform reported on the blatantly racist course: According to the course description, students will learn about the “historical expansion” of whiteness while discussing both the “formal and informal advantages that accrue to whiteness” and potential “challenges to whiteness.” Although Erickson declined to provide a copy of the current syllabus,Campus Reformlocateda syllabusfor a previous iteration of the course from the spring of 2015, which contains a course description identical to the one of that being offered in the fall.

John Podesta: Social Media Companies Should Police Fake News

The former failed campaign manager for Hillary Clinton recently urged social media companies to censor “fake news”. “I think that again the social media companies have a responsibility to try to do a better job of knocking off fake sites and be able to police to some extent the propagation of fake news,” Podesta said on a far Left podcast. Via Breitbart: Podesta said that the propagation of “fake news” was a national security threat, complaining that “Russian bots and trolls” helped spread negative stories about Hillary Clinton across the Internet.

Planned Parenthood Issues Guidelines On How to Teach Toddlers About Transgenderism and Masturbation

New guidelines have been issued on the Planned Parenthood website containing detailed methods for talking to preschoolers about gender roles, sexuality, masturbation, transgenderism, and even ways of determining whether your child is trans or not. The federally funded corporation, Planned Parenthood, is now offering advice to parents on how to approach sexual and gender identity topics with toddlers and preschoolers.