Anti-Semitism Protected by Canadian Police at Al Quds Day Rally in Calgary (VIDEO)

Police promise to protect anti-Semitic Muslim protesters at Al Quds Day rally at Calgary City Hall in Canada. Jewish counter- protesters arrived to stand for Israel and against terrorism, as they do each year.

The Canadian police were concerned that this Jewish presence at the event would make Al Quds day celebrators uncomfortable.   

Al Quds Day is a global Muslim call to destroy the state of Israel, founded by the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini. Every year, anti-Semitic Muslims gather at Calgary City Hall to rally for the fall of Israel and are met by a Jewish protesters.


The Calgary police have expressed concern with the Jewish presence at the Al Quds Day rally, stating: “this has caused angst among our Muslim community and really I want to assure them that we will have a presence there and they will be safe.” Interestingly, the group being threatened with genocide aren’t the ones getting the police protection. Calgary police actually seem to be blaming the Jewish protesters for standing up for themselves against those who hate their existence.

The Rebel Media reported directly from the rally:

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