BRITISH LIBERAL HACKS Blame Anti-Islamist Activist Tommy Robinson After Finsbury Park Mosque Attack

England – Anti-Jihad activist, Tommy Robinson was condemned after Sunday night’s terror incident at a Finsbury Park Mosque.

Right-wing activists are being blamed for the attack from the same people who scream “not all Muslims” after the countless Islamic terror attacks in Europe and the United States.


Last night’s terror attack suspect has been identified by authorities as Darren Osborne. Despite this, the left hypocritically blames conservative figures such as Tommy Robinson for the attack.





The Left is blaming “far Right” personalities like Tommy Robinson for this violence when he has never done or said anything that promotes violence whatsoever. Tommy Robinson doesn’t stand for violence or hate, but rather the peaceful protest and confrontation of radical Islam and Sharia Law in the West.

Yesterday, the Muslim Council of Britain claimed that the far Right was responsible for the attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque. Whatever happened to the “not all Muslims” line of argument? If not all Muslims are responsible for terrorism in the name of Islam, then why are conservatives responsible when a lone wolf violently retaliates against radical Islam?



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