“America will THINK BIG once again” President Trump Signs Executive Order Reviving The National Space Council

President Trump signed an executive order reviving the National Space Council.  This will reignite America’s leadership in space exploration. The President held a press conference detailing his plans for American leadership in the final frontier, with Buzz Aldrin and several other astronomical icons in attendance. 

President Trump made an important distinction in the earlier portion of his speech, stating that “We’re going to have tremendous spirit from the private sector, maybe in particular from the private sector.” President Trump is finding ways to finance American exceptionalism without expanding government and raising taxes, through the private sector. If he is successful in this commitment to private science and the free market; then he will prove that you do not need big government to have big achievements.

The board of the National Space Council will be comprised of a diverse group of forward thinking individuals, eager to tackle space exploration and benifit the U.S in many ways. Scientist, Businessmen, and other White House offices alike, will work together on the project headed by Vice President Pence as the council’s chairmen.

President Trump boldly said: “Space exploration is not only essential to our character as a nation, but also to our economy, and our great nation’s security.” If the United States can find free market pathways to success in space, it would greatly benefit the economy, put us ahead of our enemies technologically, and empower the scientific process.