Rush Limbaugh: ‘We Are on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’ (VIDEO)

Friday, on Rush Limbaugh’s nationwide radio show, he claimed that given the recent state of affairs in the U.S, the nation is ‘on the Cusp of a Second Civil War’.

Given the boiling political atmosphere following the Charlottesville incident, he may have a point.

Rush states that American culture and history are under siege as an integral part of an anti- American agenda led by the Left and international financiers like George Soros.

Limbaugh argues that learning and knowing American history, in this time of great political angst, is a crucial tool for preserving our nation’s greatness, hence why the Left is so determined to destroy it.

Partial transcript from Limbaugh’s show from

America is under attack from within. Our culture, our history, our founding are under the most direct assault I have seen in my life. And I’m sure it’s the same with you. We haven’t seen anything like this. You might even get away with saying that we are on the cusp of a second civil war. Some of you might say that we are already into it, that it has already begun. However you characterize it, though, we are under attack from within. And it’s being bought and paid for by people from outside America, in addition to inside.

I’m thinking of people like George Soros and any other number of international financiers whose objective it is to take the United States out and down as a superpower, to literally erase the United States as a powerful or super powerful nation.

Now, folks, in order to defend America, which I believe is incumbent upon all of us, in order to defend America, you have to begin knowing our history. If you’re gonna defend the United States of America, you have to know our history. You have to know the purpose of the United States of America. You have to know unequivocally and proudly the United States’ place in history. And that is why erasing and distorting our history is crucial for the left to succeed…”

Rush Limbaugh: “Antifa is rioters… Somebody wanted this to happen.”


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