Teenager Blasts Rap Song “F**k Tha Police!” at NYPD Officer’s Funeral

Sixteen-year-old Julien Rodriguez blasted the rap song, “F**k Tha Police” from his apartment window as thousands of police officers mourned the loss of Officer Miosotis Familia.

The deceased Officer was attacked and killed while sitting in her police vehicle last week. Julien Rodriguez said he found the experience “satisfying”.

The disturbed teen told the New York Post that he found the experience “satisfying”, adding “Since they did not show respect for my brother and my friend, why should I show respect to them?”, referencing what he saw as his brother’s unjust death at the hand of a police officer.

Via Breitbart:

Around 20 law enforcement officials then went to the teenager’s door to ask him to stop the music. The teen says he finally apologized to the officers because the building superintendent allegedly threatened to evict him and his family.

“I apologized because it was between the house and apologizing,” he said.

However, the teen did say he felt sorrow over the death of Miosotis Familia.

“I feel sympathy for that, because all she was trying to do was take bad people off the street,” he said. “It was wrong because she did not do anything wrong but at the same time, my bro and my best friend died for no reason.”

Rodriguez provided The Post with the names of both his brother and his best friend, whom he claims were killed, but The Post could not find any public records of their deaths.

During the funeral proceedings, hundreds of NYPD police officers also expressed their anger at New York Mayor Bill de Blasio by turning their backs days after he decided to skipa ceremony for 524 new NYPD cops so he could catch a flight to Hamburg in order to protest Donald Trump.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the NYPD’s protest towards Mayor de Blasio at Officer Miosotis Familia’s funeral.


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