Evergreen State College Provost Requests ‘Lenient’ Grading for Anti-White Protesters

Interim Provost Ken Tabbutt encouraged Evergreen faculty to be lenient when grading students who participated in the recent anti-white protests on campus, according to emails obtained by Campus Reform.

Via Breitbart:

In emails obtained by Campus Reform, Tabbutt reportedly encouraged faculty to “consider the physical and emotional commitment the students have made” in protest efforts that included roaming the campus with baseball bats. He then allegedly asked faculty to “consider accommodations for that effort.”

The protest effort resulted in Biology Professor Bret Weinstein being forced to hold classes off campus due to safety concerns. Despite this, Tabbutt told the faculty that the academic work of the protesters may have been affected by them feeling unsafe.

“Academic work of students that have not been involved in the protests may also have been affected; many feel that the campus is not safe,” Tabbutt added, observing that “the students impacted may be disproportionately represented in some academic programs but this extends throughout the entire curriculum.”

The Provost is rewarding the violent-thug brand of activism and encouraging anti-white racism at Evergreen State by being lenient in any way. Instead of disciplining the fascist behavior of the offending students, this spineless creep is concerned with the trouble they went through terrorizing the campus with baseball bats. It is no wonder American universities are falling apart with people like Tabbutt in charge.



A recap of the Evergreen State College controversy from Vice:

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