#NeverTrumper Rick Wilson: I Like My Fascists the Old Fashioned Way, Dead and Hanging from Lamp Posts

Outspoken #NeverTrumper and columnist for the Daily Beast Rick Wilson declared his support for lynching fascists following the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Wilson claims President Trump has “an itchy Twitter finger”, though he shouldn’t be one to talk. Wilson’s twitter resume is comprised of nasty messages for Trump supporters and inappropriate sexual remarks towards Ann Coulter. 

Original story via Breitbart:

Wilson remained very vague as to who he considers to be a “fascist” in his tweet. This was not the first time the Never Trumper has branded the supporters of President Trump with the charged term.




In 2013 Wilson used the term “fascist” to describe the Obama “Youth Corps”:


Mr. Wilson seems to have a broad definition for who he deems to be a fascist. According to his questionable tweet he is sanctioning violence against a large group of people on the bases of political disagreement.

Additionally, in 2015 Wilson encouraged establishment Republican donors to “go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump.” Not to mention tweeting disgusting remarks towards Ann Coulter:


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