Swedish “Man- Free” Music Festival Wont Stop Sexual Assault in Sweden

Swedish comedian, Emma Knyckare plans on hosting a “man-free” music festival in her home town in response to the rapidly growing rates of sexual assaults in Sweden.

Despite the fact that this completely ignores the fact that Muslim refugees are almost exclusively responsible for Sweden’s growing rape crisis, it is also a clear form of sexual segregation and discrimination. Instead of admitting the failures of multiculturalism, Ms. Knyckare is really only interested in promoting the agenda of radical feminism.  

From the Rebel Media:


When it comes to the rape crisis, Emma Knyckare is among the progressive Swedish who never admit immigrants can do wrong. To the left, it must be the fault of men, white people, or Christians somehow. She is part of the trendy hive mind of social justice fanatics that are in fact committing suicide by political correctness along with the rest of their country.

The tweet roughly translates as “What do you think about putting together an asfet festival where only non-men are welcome as we drive (that would take place) until all men have learned how to behave?”

Other than the political and cultural delusions, Ms. Knyckare seems like a class act.

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