Too Far! Transgender ‘Sam Doll’ Aims to Teach Children in Canada About ‘Gender Identity’

Gender Creative Kids Canada has developed a children’s toy that teaches kids that ‘transgenderism’ is normal and healthy. Production, marketing and distribution of the doll is being funded by money raised on Kickstarter.

The Canadian government has also contributed to some of the funding as they helped launched the ‘Gender Creative Kids Canada’ website.

The Sam Doll is supposed to encourage conversations with children about gender identity and to facilitate a social justice agenda in children’s education. The toy is designed like a Russian nesting doll, with each layer revealing a different stage in discovering one’s true gender identity and finally “coming out” as gender queer.


The production of the toy was partially funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, which of course is aligned with the political and social agenda the doll represents.

Mashable reports that Gender Creative Kids Canada hopes to raise $103,776 USD ($137,500 Canadian) on Kickstarter to fund prototype creation, manufacturing, and shipment of more than 1,500 toys to families, nonprofits, and teachers in Canada.

Others who backed the doll include:

  • Gender Creative Kids Canada (a parent action group based in Montreal)
  • Project 10  (an LGBTQ youth organization based in Montreal)
  • PFLAG Montreal (an organization helping those who are struggling with issues of sexual orientation and gender identity)
  • and the hosts of the National Workshop on Gender Creative Kids (Concordia University, October, 2012).”


The Left has gone too far this time. Targeting children with their backwards and unhealthy ideology is a new low in political discourse. There has also been transgender controversy in schools in California. An Oakland school came under fire for a ‘transgender clownfish lesson.

Fairfax County in California has also rolled out transgender education which has infuriated parents.

Washington State is also set to teach ‘transgenderism’ to kindergartners in the fall of 2017.

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