Palestinian Cleric in Jerusalem Leads Muslims in Prayer: “Allah enable us to slaughter the Americans and Europeans!” (Video)

If it wasn’t already perfectly clear, Islam is waging war on the West.

Palestinian Cleric Sheikh Nadhal Siam called for Allah to enable “us” to Slaughter Americans and Europeans. This didn’t happen at an ISIS training camp, but rather at the mosque inside the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Video from MEMRI.

Sheikh Nadhal Siam, also known as Abu Ibrahim, preached a very disturbing message at Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. He prayed to Allah to “enable us to slaughter the Americans and Europeans!”, as well as the “criminal and treacherous” Arab rulers. His hateful tirade was punctuated by countless “Amen”s from the audience.

The most disconcerting thing about Sheikh Nadhal Siam’s speech is that it did not occur at a Boko Haram or ISIS training camp, but at a regular mosque. Though it is likely that that speaker and his audience had pro-Palestinian sympathies, they otherwise should be members of the “peaceful majority” of “moderate” Muslims who would never think of committing terrorism.

How can politically correct European and American politicians ignore this out in the open war on the West when one of the most frequented mosque in the world is preaching death and destruction to infidels?


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