Liberal Hacks Trash Bruce Willis Remake of ‘Death Wish’: “Alt- Right Inspired”, “Racist” and “Most Tone Deaf Film of Year”

Eli Roth’s remake of “Death Wish” starring Bruce Willis is causing considerable backlash from liberals due to it’s pro-gun and anti-thug motifs. Critics are calling it the “most tone deaf film of the year” as well as racist and alt-right inspired.

(Original story from the Daily Mail)

The ultra dark and hyper-violent tone of the trailer has Willis’ character Paul Kersey,  whose family is shattered when his wife killed and his daughter viciously raped and paralyzed after a home burglary. 

He takes his revenge to the streets with an enormous arsenal of weapons. Movie critics and social media users commented on the tone deaf film. ‘Pretty sure the NRA just found their next ad,’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘Death Wish shouldn’t promote such behavior. In real life, a delusional racist with a gun might believe they’re a heroic vigilante.’ said another user.

The film portrays a white man, who’s wife was murdered and daughter raped by Chicago street thugs, taking the law into his own hands to find those responsible. Along the way he stops robberies, carjackings, and saves people’s lives by cleaning up the streets as a vigilante.

Liberal critics and social justice nuts are making this action packed thriller about race and gun control:


It triggered film critic Alan Zilberman:


Author Chuck Wendig’s take:

The movie’s trailer depict white men as the burglars who raped and killed the protagonist’s family, while also showing Bruce Willis save a young black boy and a black woman from the filth of Chicago. In what way is this movie racist exactly? Maybe these sensitive liberal film critics just hate to see a white guy kick some ass, never mind their fear and hatred of guns.


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