Whoopi Goldberg Calls out BLM Nut Mckesson who was Offended by Blue Vest Seen in Latest Planet of Apes Movie

Black Lives Matter fanatic DeRay Mckesson took personal offense to the blue vest that were worn by the apes in the new movie ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’.

Mckesson frequently wears a similar blue vest while protesting in the picket lines of Black Lives Matter protests and riots. So he assumed that the appearance of the blue vest in the movie was a way of calling him an ape.

(Original article: euroweb)

DeRay Mckesson’s tweets have since been deleted, though read as follows:

Mckesson claims that the producers of the beloved scifi thriller personally mocked him by dressing apes in the movie in blue vest, despite the fact that the original movie from 1968 used the same blue vest as a uniform for the apes.


Even Left- wing hack Whoopi Goldberg called Mckesson out on his narcissistic and childish claims. Other women on The View initially tried to defend Mckesson’s over-sensitivity until Whoopi shut them down:


Fellow race- baitor Tariq Nasheed held similar delusions:


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