Bill Nye Show Writer Posts Violent Tweet Against “Old A** Conservative White Men”

Comedian and writer for the “Bill Nye Saves the World” Netflix series, tweeted a disturbing and divisive tweet in the wake of the congressional baseball game shooting.

Marcella Arguello writes for Bill Nye’s Netflix show; “Bill Nye Saves the World”, which is a hotbed of liberal propaganda and social justice rhetoric. She tweeted this anti-conservative tweet, calling for violence against “old ass conservative white men” as if it would spark a discussion on gun control. This sort of call to violence against conservatives has become all too common recently (Johnny Depp calls for the assassination of Trump).           

Ms. Arguello later deleted her obnoxious tweet. She had this to say about the criticism she received:




She also retweeted fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti as a lackluster excuse for her racist and violent “joke”.


Ms. Arguello’s tweet is yet another instance of the Left’s call to violence against the Right as well as the President.

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