7 Mexican Journalists Killed in Only a Matter of Months

The charred remains of a Mexican investigative journalist from Michoacan has been found by Mexican authorities. This was the most recent of seven cases of the sort in recent months. All journalists were involved with investigating the Mexican government or cartels. 

Via Breitbart:

On Monday afternoon, the Michoacan Attorney General’s Office (PGJ) announced the identification Salvador Adame, a journalist who was kidnapped a month prior. Adame’s charred remains were found in Mid-May in an area called Devil’s Creek or Barranca del Diablo not far from a state highway between the rural communities of Nueva Italia and Lombardia. The body was identified after investigators performed DNA testing, Michoacan authorities revealed.

Salvador Adame was the director for a local news station called 6TV in Michoacan, the same state where he was kidnapped by cartel gunmen on May 18 near the rural community of Nueva Italia. For more than one month, the fate of the journalist went unknown. Various colleagues took to social media to express their outrage and even the U.S. Embassy tweeted about his disappearance.


According to information gained from the interrogation of Daniel “El Cabezon” Ruiz, a top enforcer for the Familia Michoacana/Knights Templar, Adame’s kidnapping, murder, and incineration was carried out by Feliciano “Chano Peña” Ledezma. Daniel Ruiz was recently arrested by authorities in the operation where they captured the head of the Nueva FaIgnacio “El Cenizo” Andrade Renteria the leader of the Familia Michoacana/Knights Templar.”

This tragic series of deaths reveals the dire state of Mexico and their complete lack of freedom of speech. The rights defended by the American Constitution are upheld to prevent this sort of violent censorship we see across the southern border. Without the liberties granted in the 1st Amendment, honest critical journalism is impossible and too often punished.


There is no reason to believe that Salvador Adame’s death will be the last of its kind. Other journalists are working hard to uncover the illegal doings of the cartels and the government alike. Some of those potential targets may perhaps work for Breitbart Texas, such as Ildefonzo Ortiz and Brandon Darby, who are both credited with producing the ‘Cartel Chronicles’. Lets hope our friends in conservative journalism stay safe as they expose the corruption and bloodshed occurring just south of the border.


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