Companies Get Tax Breaks for Hiring Foreign College Grads With ‘OPT’ Program

The U.S. government is rewarding companies for hiring foreign college graduates instead of Americans as part of a program called “Optional Practical Training”.

Over 330,000 foreign graduates have been hired through OPT in 2016 alone. In a time when American graduates are desperate for jobs and deeply in dept, the Federal Government fails to make Americans a priority all in the name of diversity and open borders.

As if the economic climate wasn’t brutal enough, our own government betrays American students and chooses to assist foreigners instead. Via Breitbart:


The little-known “Optional Practical Training” program has grown from 91,140 new foreign job-seekers in 2009 to 329,158 new job-seekers in 2016, according to data provided by the Department of Homeland Security. That is almost a four-fold increase in seven years — and the program is growing even larger in 2017.

There is no cap on the OPT program, which quietly and semi-automatically gives work permits lasting up to three years when requested by foreign students who graduate from U.S. universities and colleges. Companies are not required to even interview Americans before hiring OPT graduates — and they get tax breaks for hiring foreigners over Americans.

“The government is enticing employers to hire foreigners instead of Americans … it is ridiculous,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies. Even the middle-class Americans who have downplayed the impact of cheap-labor immigration on blue-collar Americans should be alarmed by the government’s discrimination against their own college-graduate children, he added.”

The OPT program is a disgrace. It’s a continuation of the Obama years and it hurts our nation’s economy. The Federal Government imports 1,000,000 immigrants every year to compete for jobs with the 4,000,000 college graduates each year. Despite this, many business groups love the benefits of the Opt program. Not only does it provide tax breaks, but also provides countless cheap, compliant, and disposable workers.

Universities love the OPT program as well because it enables them to sell government supplied, no-cost work permits to foreign students who already pay higher than normal tuition fees.


The annual inflow of foreign students adds $2.8 billion in economic activity, and 400,000 jobs to the economy, says the NAFSA advocacy group, wich is led by university officials. Few politicians are willing to openly disagree with the universities in their district.

Universities market themselves to foreign customers as way-stations to citizenship. For example, Dartmouth University highlighted employment statistics for foreign graduates, saying 71 of 79 foreign graduates got work permits and jobs in 2015, and 79 of 86 got work permits and jobs in 2014.

A growing percentage of foreign students are using the OPT work permits. The percentage rose from 21.5 percent in 2014 up to 24.5 percent in 2016, according to DHS data.”

The Obama administration is a thing of the past. It is time our government and its crony capitalism stop rewarding businesses for hiring foreigners, and instead returns to a level playing field for immigrants and Americans alike to compete fairly in the job market.

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