Professor Who Flipped Off Trump Tower to Host Lecture on “Navigating Hate and Xenophobia in Modern America”

Trinity College professor, Simran Jeet Singh, who tweeted a photo of himself making obscene gestures in front of Trump Tower, is scheduled to lecture on “navigating hate and xenophobia in modern America.” Makes sense.

Since the election, Singh has written several aggressive and hateful tweets towards the President as well as his supporters including one telling President Trump to “kiss all of our asses.” referring to “our Muslim sisters and brothers.” 

From Campus Reform regarding the lecture event:

According to the event description posted on social media, assistant professor of religion Simran Jeet Singh will speak at the webinar hosted by the Trinity University Alumni Association on August 3, having been selected based on his “role as a leader in the national conversation on Islamophobia, racial profiling, and hate violence.”

It’s Funny how Prof. Singh is being considered an authority on hate and profiling, considering the content and tone of some of his social media posts:

Jonah Wendt, the vice chair of the Texas Federation of College Republicans and editor in chief of a conservative student newspaper on campus, The Wendt, said that while he does not question “Dr. Singh’s ability to lecture on the topic,” he does find the scheduled webinar ironic.

“The irony of a professor, who [on Election Day] posted a picture flipping double middle fingers outside of Trump Tower, should not be lost on viewers of his lecture on ‘Navigating Hate and Xenophobia in Modern America,’” he said in a statement to Campus Reform.

Prof. Singh preaches inclusion, diversity, tolerance, and respect unless of course you voted for President Trump. If you are a Trump supporter, he is happy to flip you off and claim that you “tacitly condone racism”. “Lets be clear”, liberals are only against hate and in favor of diversity so long as you agree with their rhetoric.


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