Big Pharma Owned Republican LIES To Try To Defend Her Record Of Democrat Capitulating

Just yesterday The Gateway Pundit uncovered the twisted campaign finance trail of Christine Drazan, who’s running for the Republican nomination for Governor in Oregon, and happens to be funded by many of the same deep pocketed special interest PACs that also fund the democrats, including big pharmaceutical corporations that rake in billions from public funding and push for vaccine mandates.

Denver BLM Leader And School Board Member Under Investigation On Multiple Sex Abuse Allegations, Including 62 High School DACA Students

A local Denver school board member, Black Lives Matter protest leader, and anti-gun activist is facing dozens of accusations of sex abuse, rape, harassment, and “inappropriate behavior” from a variety of community members, including 62 high school students and illegal aliens in the DACA program, at least one as young as 14.

How Far Has Portland Fallen? Video Shows Blight And Misery Of Downtown Full Of Homeless Camps And Abandoned Buildings After a Year of Riots

Despite city leaders and their enablers in the leftist dominated media continually make excuses for Portland’s rapid descent into third-world status, going so far as to post puff pieces claiming it’s not as bad as what some say and launching a “Be Here For Portland” PR blitz, the reality of Portland’s demise has now been preserved in a video showing just how downtown really looks in 2021.