Governor Abbott Deploys “Texas Tactical Border Force” In Wake Of Title 42’s End

We’ve all seen the phony virtue signaling from President Biden, as he claims he’s sending troops to the border to protect from illegal aliens. Texas Governor Greg Abbott doesn’t believe it for one second, so he’s activated a part of the Texas National Guard called the Texas Tactical Border Force to “intercept & repel migrants trying to enter Texas illegally.”

The 1,500 troops are assembling on the border, along with hardware including Hummers, C-130’s, and Black Hawk helicopters.

Governor Abbott went on Fox News to explain further, saying “We are deploying today, a new Texas Tactical Border Force made up of elite national guard who are specifically trained for one thing, and that is to identify areas where illegal immigrants are trying to cross the border, and to fill that gap and to repel them to deny them access to entry into the United States.”

He went on to add that the force is constructing wire barriers along the border.

Here’s an apparent floor-level look at the scene:

Here’s the full press conference of the announcement:


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