Portland Rioters Set Fire To Apple Store; Smash Up Church, Veggie Grill, Historical Society

Not to be outdone by their counterparts in other cities who are losing their s***,  the rioting terrorists of Portland swept through downtown late Friday night, smashing out windows of several establishments, including a church, locally owned businesses, and others. *PEACEFULLY*, of course.

UPDATE: Just as it looked like the police had the mob under control, theterrorists split off to set fire to the Apple Store:

Leading up the building actually catching fire, a pile of debris sat next to it burning for 10 minutes without any intervention from the fire department or police:

The terrorists also set fire to a porta potty:

The fire department did eventually show up and put the fires out.

But before the fires started, a window smashing rampage took place:

Not even the little virtue signalling sign praising immigrants, LGBTQ, and persons of color was enough to deter the violent mobs.


How dare this business operate a day spa! Literally Hitler!


Even the Veggie Grill was hit. Ironic, considering many of the antifa militants are vegans.


The Oregon Historical Society was hit as well, advocating for “no more history.”

You may recall that the terrorists smashed up the Historical Society last fall during another one of their hissy fits.


Police eventually swarmed in:


Though the smashy smashy didn’t start up until close to 10:00 PM, Portland Police were aware of this *PEACEFUL* “direct action” as early as 7:50 PM, when they begged the violent crowd to not destroy stuff. Police were nowhere to be seen during the destruction to prevent it from happening in the first place, only swooping in after the fact, then declaring it a riot.

Earlier in the day police shot and killed a man in outer Southeast, prompting a protest where far left journalist Justin Yau was targeted and beaten by the mobs.




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